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Shine Micro Live AIS Vessel Tracker

Welcome to the Shine Micro Live Vessel Tracker network display. This vessel tracker display allows any marine traffic enthusiast or professional to track a ship and view all AIS vessel traffic around the world. This vessel tracker can be used by professionals for a variety of purposes including ship container tracking, Maersk tracking, OOCL tracking and any function that involves marine traffic monitoring. Select one of the following AIS tracking displays to begin your vessel tracking.

The Google Maps Vessel Finder allows you to view ship positions updated in real time, find vessels by MMSI number or ship name, view ship details by clicking on the vessel and change to different regions with fewer clicks. The Nautical Chart Live Vessel Tracker allows you to view ship positions overlaid on international maps and nautical charts with vessel tracks showing the routes traveled within the last 4 hours.


Vessel Finder (Google Maps Version)

Google Vessel Finder

with Vessel Finder search utility.

Nautical Chart Vessel Tracker

Nautical Vessel Tracker



The Shine Micro Vessel Finder displays ship positions detected by RadarPlus High Sensitivity AIS Receiver units in that area, including both Class A and Class B AIS Transponder products.

What is AIS? Click to learn more about Class A vs. Class B AIS.

Google Maps Vessel Tracker Display

The Google Maps version of the Vessel Tracker Display allows the you to view live AIS Maersk tracking and ship container tracking on an interactive Google Maps interface. The vessel finder function allows you to track a ship by finding its last reported postion anywhere in the world.

The amount of AIS marine traffic in each region are represented by yellow, green, and blue circles. By clicking on a circle, the viewing window zooms in on the selected area, allowing you to quickly view all marine traffic for the selected region.

Other features of Google Maps Vessel Finder Display include:

  • Vessel finder: allows you to search for vessels by MMSI number or vessel name.
  • Region/Port Search: allows you to quickly move from one vessel tracker region to another by selecting specific regions or ports.
  • Filters: allows you to filter which vessel types of AIS marine traffic information that is being displayed.

Nautical Chart Vessel Tracker

The Nautical Chart Vessel Tracker Display allows the user to view vessel traffic overlaid on static International Maps and Charts. Track a ship as it travels through the selected region with tracks showing the route taken by each vessel.

Vessels that have traveled noticeable distances in the most recent 4-hour period will have its ship positions indicated with a trail of blue dots. These blue indicators represent the course that each vessel has traveled during the past 4 hours. AIS Marine traffic that lacks a trailing blue line have not traveled noticeable distances in the past 4 hours.

Each chart in The Nautical Chart Vessel Tracker Display automatically refreshes every 60 seconds.


Both the Google Maps Vessel Tracker and Nautical Chart Vessel Tracker are not to be used for navigational purposes. The maps are designed for educational and informational purposes only.


RadarPlus SA161-MH
Dual AIS Receivers for Avionics
RadarPlus ST162-T1 AIS Test Set
RadarPlus SM1610-4
Long-Range, Dual AIS Receivers

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